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A muscarinic antagonist used as an antispasmodic and in urinary incontinence. It has little effect on glandular secretion or the cardiovascular system. It does have some local anesthetic properties and is used in gastrointestinal, biliary, and urinary tract spasms. [PubChem]
Bentyl Hydrochloride
Bentylol Hydrochloride
Dicicloverina [INN-Spanish]
Dicyclomine Hcl
Dicyclomine Hydrochloride
Dicycloverin Hydrochloride
Dicycloverine Hydrochloride
Dicycloverinum [INN-Latin]
Diethylaminocarbethoxybicyclohexyl Hydrochloride
Diocyl Hydrochloride
Kolantyl Hydrochloride
Wyovin Hydrochloride
CategoriesMuscarinic Antagonists
Anticholinergic Agents
ManufacturersAxcan pharma us inc
Lannett co inc
Mutual pharmaceutical co inc
Mylan pharmaceuticals inc
Pioneer pharmaceuticals inc
Watson laboratories inc
West ward pharmaceutical corp
Bedford laboratories div ben venue laboratories inc
Alpharma us pharmaceuticals division
Mikart inc
PackagersAdvanced Pharmaceutical Services Inc.
Amerisource Health Services Corp.
Apotheca Inc.
A-S Medication Solutions LLC
Atlantic Biologicals Corporation
Axcan Pharma Inc.
Bedford Labs
Ben Venue Laboratories Inc.
Bryant Ranch Prepack
Cardinal Health
Comprehensive Consultant Services Inc.
Dept Health Central Pharmacy
Direct Dispensing Inc.
Dispensing Solutions
Diversified Healthcare Services Inc.
Endo Pharmaceuticals Inc.
H.J. Harkins Co. Inc.
Heartland Repack Services LLC
Huffman Laboratories
International Ethical Labs Inc.
Lannett Co. Inc.
Liberty Pharmaceuticals
Major Pharmaceuticals
Merrell Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Mikart Inc.
Murfreesboro Pharmaceutical Nursing Supply
Nucare Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Palmetto Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Patheon Inc.
Patient First Corp.
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Preferred Pharmaceuticals Inc.
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Watson Pharmaceuticals
West-Ward Pharmaceuticals


For the treatment of functional bowel/irritable bowel syndrome including Colicky abdominal pain; diverticulitis


Dicyclomine is an anticholinergic drug, a medication that reduces the effect of acetylcholine, a chemical released from nerves that stimulates muscles, by blocking the receptors for acetylcholine on smooth muscle (a type of muscle). It also has a direct relaxing effect on smooth muscle. Dicyclomine is used to treat or prevent spasm in the muscles of the gastrointestinal tract in the irritable bowel syndrome. In addition, Dicyclomine inhibits gastrointestinal propulsive motility and decreases gastric acid secretion and controls excessive pharyngeal, tracheal and bronchial secretions.

mechanism of action

Action is achieved via a dual mechanism: (1) a specific anticholinergic effect (antimuscarinic) at the acetylcholine-receptor sites and (2) a direct effect upon smooth muscle (musculotropic).

route of elimination

The principal route of elimination is via the urine (79.5% of the dose). Excretion also occurs in the feces, but to a lesser extent (8.4%).

drug interactions

Donepezil: Possible antagonism of action

Galantamine: Possible antagonism of action

Haloperidol: The anticholinergic increases the risk of psychosis and tardive dyskinesia

Rivastigmine: Possible antagonism of action

Tacrine: The therapeutic effects of the central acetylcholinesterase inhibitor, Tacrine, and/or the anticholinergic, Dicyclomine, may be reduced due to antagonism. The interaction may be beneficial when the anticholinergic action is a side effect. Monitor for decreased efficacy of both agents.

Trimethobenzamide: Trimethobenzamide and Dicyclomine, two anticholinergics, may cause additive anticholinergic effects and enhance their adverse/toxic effects. Monitor for enhanced anticholinergic effects.

Triprolidine: Triprolidine and Dicyclomine, two anticholinergics, may cause additive anticholinergic effects and enhance their adverse/toxic effects. Monitor for enhanced anticholinergic effects.

Trospium: Trospium and Dicyclomine, two anticholinergics, may cause additive anticholinergic effects and enhanced adverse/toxic effects. Monitor for enhanced anticholinergic effects.