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Digoxin Immune Fab

Digoxin Immune Fab is a sheep antibody (26-10) FAB fragment from sheep immunized with the digoxin derivative Digoxindicarboxymethylamine. It is used as an antidote for overdose of digoxin.
CategoriesDigoxin Antidote
PackagersGlaxoSmithKline Inc.
Savage Labs
SynonymsIg gamma-2A chain C region, A allele


For treatment of digitoxin overdose or digitalis glycoside toxicity.


DigiFab binds molecules of digoxin, making them unavailable for binding at their site of action on cells in the body. The Fab fragment-digoxin complex accumulates in the blood, from which it is excreted by the kidney. The net effect is to shift the equilibrium away from binding of digoxin to its receptors in the body, thereby reversing its effects.

mechanism of action

Binds excess digoxin or digitoxin molecules circulating in the blood.

half life

15-20 hrs

route of elimination

Cumulative urinary excretion of digoxin was comparable for both products and exceeded 40% of the administered dose by 24 hours.