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36 residue synthetic peptide that inhibits HIV-1 fusion with CD4 cells. N-terminal acetylated, C-terminal amide.
Fuzeon (Roche Pharmaceuticals)
CategoriesAnti-HIV Agents
HIV Fusion Inhibitors
ManufacturersHoffmann la roche inc
PackagersF Hoffmann La Roche Ltd.
F Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd.
Gilead Sciences Inc.
Pharmacia Inc.
SynonymsEnvelope polyprotein GP160 precursor [Contains: Exterior membrane glycoprotein,GP120, Transmembrane glycoprotein,GP41]


Enfuvirtide is an antiretroviral drug used in combination therapy for the treatment of HIV-1/AIDS.

mechanism of action

Enfuvirtide binds to the first heptad-repeat (HR1) in the gp41 subunit of the viral envelope glycoprotein and prevents the conformational changes required for the fusion of viral and cellular membranes. It works by disrupting the HIV-1 molecular machinery at the final stage of fusion with the target cell, preventing uninfected cells from becoming infected. Enfuvirtide is a biomimetic peptide that was rationally designed to mimic components of the HIV-1 fusion machinery and displace them, preventing normal fusion.

half life

3.8 +/- 0.6 hrs