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A long-acting injectable antipsychotic agent used for chronic schizophrenia.
CategoriesDopamine Antagonists
Antipsychotic Agents
SynonymsFluspirileno [inn-spanish]
Fluspirilenum [inn-latin]


Used for the treatment of schizophrenia.


Fluspirilene is a relatively long-acting injectable depot antipsychotic drug used for schizophrenia. Fluspirilene does not differ greatly from other depot antipsychotics (fluphenazine decanoate, fluphenazine enathate, perphenazine onanthat, pipotiazine undecylenate) with respect to treatment efficacy, response or tolerability. Outcomes suggest that fluspirilene does not differ significantly from oral antipsychotics or in different weekly regimens, although much cannot be inferred because of the shortage of trials.