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A volatile vasodilator which relieves angina pectoris by stimulating guanylate cyclase and lowering cytosolic calcium. [PubChem]
Nitrolingual Pump Spray
Nitrong parenteral
Transderm Nitro
CategoriesVasodilator Agents
Tocolytic Agents
Nitrates and Nitrites
Explosive Agents
ManufacturersNovadel pharma inc
Pohl boskamp
Graceway pharmaceuticals llc
Key pharmaceuticals inc sub schering plough corp
Hercon laboratories corp
Kremers urban co
Mylan technologies inc
Novartis pharmaceuticals corp
G pohl boskamp gmbh and co
Sanofi aventis us llc
Abraxis pharmaceutical products
Hospira inc
International medication systems ltd
Luitpold pharmaceuticals inc
Smith and nephew solopak div smith and nephew
Baxter healthcare corp
Rorer pharmaceutical corp sub rorer group
Parke davis div warner lambert co
E fougera div altana inc
Pfizer pharmaceuticals ltd
Packagers3M Health Care
Akrimax Pharmaceuticals
American Regent
A-S Medication Solutions LLC
Baxter International Inc.
Bradley Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Bristol-Myers Squibb Co.
C.O. Truxton Inc.
Cardinal Health
Concord Labs
Dispensing Solutions
Diversified Healthcare Services Inc.
E. Fougera and Co.
Eon Labs
Ethex Corp.
G Pohl Boskamp GmbH and Co. KG
Glenmark Generics Ltd.
Glenmark Pharmaceuticals
Graceway Pharmaceuticals
H and H Laboratories
Heartland Repack Services LLC
Hercon Laboratories Corp.
Hospira Inc.
Ivax Pharmaceuticals
Konec Inc.
Lake Erie Medical and Surgical Supply
Lohmann Tiererahrung GmbH
LTS Lohmann Therapy Systems Corp.
Luitpold Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Major Pharmaceuticals
Mckesson Corp.
Murfreesboro Pharmaceutical Nursing Supply
Neuman Distributors Inc.
Nippon Kayaku Co. Ltd.
North Safety Products
Novartis AG
Nubenco Enterprises Inc.
Nycomed Inc.
Pfizer Inc.
Physician Partners Ltd.
Physicians Total Care Inc.
Preferred Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Prepak Systems Inc.
Rebel Distributors Corp.
Redpharm Drug
Remedy Repack
Resource Optimization and Innovation LLC
Sanofi-Aventis Inc.
Savage Labs
Schering Corp.
Schwarz Pharma Inc.
Sciele Pharma Inc.
Shire Inc.
Southwood Pharmaceuticals
Summit Pharmaceuticals
Time-Cap Labs
TriMarc Labs
United Research Laboratories Inc.
Valsynthese Ltd.
Vangard Labs Inc.
Vision Pharma LLC
SynonymsGlyceryl trinitrate
nitroglycerin ointment


For the prevention of angina


Nitroglycerin, an organic nitrate, is available in many forms as a vasodilator. Nitroglycerin is used in the treatement of angina pectoris and perioperative hypertension, to produce controlled hypotension during surgical procedures, to treat hypertensive emergencies, and to treat congestive heart failure associated with myocardial infarction.

mechanism of action

Similar to other nitrites and organic nitrates, nitroglycerin is converted to nitric oxide (NO), an active intermediate compound which activates the enzyme guanylate cyclase. This stimulates the synthesis of cyclic guanosine 3',5'-monophosphate (cGMP) which then activates a series of protein kinase-dependent phosphorylations in the smooth muscle cells, eventually resulting in the dephosphorylation of the myosin light chain of the smooth muscle fiber. The subsequent release of calcium ions results in the relaxation of the smooth muscle cells and vasodilation.


Increased intracranial pressure, with any or all of persistent throbbing headache, confusion, and moderate fever; Vertigo; Palpitations; Visual disturbances; Nausea and vomiting (possibly with colic and even bloody diarrhea); Syncope (especially in the upright posture); Air hunger and dyspnea, later followed by reduced ventilatory effort; Diaphoresis, with the skin either flushed or cold and clammy; Heart block and bradycardia; Paralysis; Coma; Seizures; Death.


Hepatic, cytochrome P450 (P450) is a key enzyme of organic nitrate biotransformation

half life

3 minutes

drug interactions

Alteplase: IV nitroglycerin may decrease the effect of alteplase.

Dihydroergotamine: Possible antagonism of action

Dihydroergotoxine: Possible antagonism of action

Ergonovine: Possible antagonism of action

Ergotamine: Possible antagonism of action

Methylergonovine: Possible antagonism of action

Methysergide: Possible antagonism of action

Sildenafil: Possible significant hypotension with this combination

Tadalafil: The vasodilatory effects of Nitroglycerin may be increased by Tadalafil. Severe hypotension may occur. Concomitant therapy is contraindicated.

Treprostinil: Additive hypotensive effect. Monitor antihypertensive therapy during concomitant use.

Udenafil: The vasodilatory effects of Nitroglycerin may be increased by Udenafil. Severe hypotension may occur. Concomitant therapy is contraindicated.

Vardenafil: The vasodilatory effects of Nitroglycerin may be increased by Vardenafil. Severe hypotension may occur. Concomitant therapy is contraindicated.