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Remikiren is an orally active, high specificity renin inhibitor.
CategoriesAntihypertensive Agents
Protease Inhibitors
SynonymsRo 42-5892


For the treatment of hypertension and heart failure


Remikiren is an orally available renin inhibitor with an established blood pressure-lowering effect in patients with essential hypertension. No data are available on the renal effects of remikiren in humans. In patients with essential hypertension, a single oral dose of remikiren can induce a renal vasodilation, without affecting the GFR and despite a significant decrease in blood pressure. This systemic and renal hemodynamic response is more pronounced in case of a more activated renin-angiotensin system.

mechanism of action

Several in vivo experiments have shown that remikiren is specific for renin and does not decrease arterial pressure by an unrelated mechanism.


Absorbed following oral administration.