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Satumomab Pendetide

Tumor associated glycoprotein (TAG) 72 (B72.3) monoclonal antibody conjugated with Indium 111 for radioimaging colon tumors.
CategoriesImaging Agents
SynonymsIndium (111In) satumomab pendetide
Indium-111 satumomab pendetide


For diagnosis of extrahepatic malignant cancers


Binds to the tumor associated glycoprotein 72 antigen, which is a cell surface protein generally over-expressed in colorectal cancers. The radioactive Indium 111, which is covalently attached to the antibody, allows radiodiagnostic detection of TAG-72 expressing cells and tumors.

mechanism of action

Satumomab Pendetide is a monoclonal antibody which is attached to the chelator pentetic acid (DTPA) linked to the tripeptide glycine (G) – L-tyrosine (Y) – L-lysine (K), which chelates Indium 111. Satumomab pendetide binds selectively to cell-surface TAG-72 expressed on colorectal tumors.


Most likely removed by opsonization via the reticuloendothelial system or by human antimurine antibody production

half life

0.8 hours (mammalian reticulocytes, in vitro)